• Chile 8.8

    Field Producers - Pacha Films / Discovery Channel


    Technical Production for Street Machine // ID&T

  • Red Bull Powder Escape

    Photoshoot for Red Bull Content Pool

  • Fall in to winter

    Lookbook & Making Of for GANGSTA Skateboards


Typography SettingsImages from a Film-based education to digital mastership have been produced for regional clients, including outdoors and studio. Athletes and models have been captured by ONEMAN´s lenses in The Americas, Europe and Asia.


shortcodesMany of the pasts years massive events, from Rock Shows to Electronic Festivals have been under the responsibility of ONEMAN Chief Technical Producer and Team. 250 ft  wide Layher Stages, D&B line arrays, lighting precission, rigging points just to name a few were big challenges successfully  achieved.


background manager

Making Of, Field Production, Recording, Editing and any of the processes involved in Video Production are the newest challenges ONEMAN is capturing from Helicopters over the Andes or the Pacific, shooting in HD or assisting for international production companies.


localizedFrom management of Social Media, helping Athletes careers or getting artists safe from their Jet to the hotel, ONEMAN is behind every aspect needed to make things happen.